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Vision & Content Engineering Lab fran├žais

The 45 engineers and researchers affiliated with CEA LIST Vision & Content Engineering Laboratory work on multimedia and multilingual data analysis and understanding, with a focus on fast growing and large public application domains. The core activities of the lab are structured around: technological watch, information retrieval, video surveillance and new applications associated to mobility (augmented reality, multimedia content management, embedded mobile applications).

The scientific challenges addressed by the laboratory are twofold:

  • developing efficient and robust multimedia content mining algorithms relying on the extraction, classification and semantic analysis of each modality. The reconstruction or the fusion of mono-modal data enables scene or document interpretation;
  • developing methods and tools for the construction, the formalization and the organization of knowledge needed by the algorithms.

These challenges are addressed by the laboratory's four main scientific themes:


3D perception and mobility: computer vision driven 3D reconstruction for dimensional control and 3D location for augmented reality applications, as well as for image based geo-location.


Video analysis: for video surveillance applications and, more generally, for video assistance systems (pedestrian detection for driver assistance, disabled persons monitoring).


Text mining: semantic analysis of multilingual documents for indexing, retrieval, technological watch and filtering applications.


Multimedia fusion: multimodal information extraction and retrieval over large databases, as well as for mobile applications.

The laboratory established trusted partnerships with major companies, SMEs and start-ups in order to facilitate the transfer of its innovations to industry:

  • video analysis for security applications is the focus of the joint (fr) CEA/Thales VisionLab ;
  • pedestrian detection on building sites is tackled by the joint CEA/Arcure lab;
  • document management is the subject of a partnership with (fr) Ant'Inno ;
  • augmented reality is the subject of a partnership with (fr) Diotasoft .

Also, laboratory's work led to the creation of the start-up ActiCM in the field of dimensional control driven by computer vision.